Note: Our 2020 target refers to scope 1 and 2 emissions reduction only, see below for further explanation. 

We need to play our part in reducing carbon emissions to avoid dangerous climate change and its consequences.

The Paris agreement in 2015 saw 195 of the world’s governments commit to prevent dangerous climate change by limiting global temperature rise to below 2 degrees Celsius. Businesses have an important role in reducing carbon emissions and at Travis Perkins plc we have focused on understanding where our emissions come from and setting targets to reduce them.

Understanding the sources of our emissions

Understanding where our emissions come from is a crucial step towards addressing them effectively. Carbon emissions are commonly classified into:

  • Scope 1 – from activities that are under our direct control such as from our offices and transport
  • Scope 2 – from the consumption of the electricity we buy
  • Scope 3 – from the materials and products we buy

As you can see from the diagram below, the majority of our emissions is related to the materials and products we buy – so our supply chain.



Managing our Scope 3 carbon emissions

With several thousand suppliers feeding our business, we understand that our carbon responsibilities don’t stop with us and it’s important to work with our suppliers to reduce emissions.

Supplier emissions are not under our direct control and are hard to tackle, but we are making efforts to address them by:

  • Identifying opportunities for reductions

The results of our Scope 3 impacts research help identify the products and suppliers we should prioritise in our effort to reduce suppliers’ emissions.

  • Encouraging knowledge sharing

We are committed to engage with our suppliers and help them share knowledge and environmental best practice. Following modelling, we estimate that the CO2e emission is 4.8million tonnes, 15.5% less than the previous estimate as a result of efficiency improvements across many product supply categories. The Group is championing Environmental Product Declarations as the way to improve supply chain communication in this area. On the 28 June 2017, our Principal Sustainability Office, Jez Cutler spoke at the BRE conference on 'Declaring your data'. Jez gave an update on supplier engagement following the inception of our EPD initiative in June 2016. Watch the video below to find out more about EPDs. Check out our Supplier Hub pages to find out more.


  • Being open and transparent

We feel it’s important to be open about our emissions and environmental impacts. We are one of a small number of companies that voluntarily reported on all three CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) disclosures: Carbon, Water and Forestry.

The Group’s performance has been solid in recent years, consistently moving up the scale from 88B in 2013 and 2014 to 99B in 2015. You can catch up on our 2016 performance on the environmental hub.

Setting Targets

We have set carbon emission reduction targets to 2020. The graph below shows the targets and progress we have made to date.

Travis Perkins plc is pleased to report that we have exceeded our carbon reduction target 12 months early; reducing our carbon intensity by 16% on 2013 levels, exceeding our target set for 2017 of 11%. We are confident of achieving its 2020 ambition of reducing scope 1 and 2 intensity to 28% of 2013 levels.

In absolute terms, our scope 1 and 2 emissions have increased. See the table below for full details.

Carbon Table

Setting Science Based Targets

Travis Perkins plc is one of 222 businesses to sign up to the Science Based Targets initiative that is supporting companies to set targets that are aligned to climate science. Science-based targets provide companies with a clearly defined pathway to future-proof growth by specifying how much and how quickly they need to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.