The customer proposition

The Group differentiates its customer proposition through its:

Scale, competitive pricing and convenience:

  • The size of the Group allows it to benefit from economies of scale in common and direct product sourcing and selective centralised distribution
  • The Group operates from 2,000 locations enabling it to conveniently offer products for collection or delivery to customers anywhere in the UK and increasingly integrate its developing online operations into its branch and store network. This then enables the Group to pass on these efficiencies to customers by ensuring each of its businesses offers competitive prices in their respective markets

Excellent availability and fast and efficient delivery:

  • The operation of lightside primary distribution centres, heavyside regional distribution centres and dedicated retail supply chains mean the Group can offer superior access to the broadest product range and excellent availability
  • Over 2,250 colleagues, 192 lorries, 29 central warehouses and 3,700 local delivery vehicles enable the Group to operate an efficient local and national delivery service
  • Nearly 70% of the Group's sales are delivered to customers with two thirds of these routed through the branch network
  • Telephone, mail order and internet ordering channels enable customers to access the product they need at their convenience

Product solutions:

  • The Group's scale gives its suppliers access to a wide range of end customers whilst enabling the Group to purchase products on a competitive basis
  • The range of businesses in the Group enables it to access and distribute products in almost all building material product categories
  • The Group is committed to buying products, commensurate with its customers' needs, from ethically responsible manufacturers
  • The Group has developed a wide range of own brand products which enable it to offer products of commensurate quality to branded goods, but at lower price points
  • Excellent relationships with suppliers ensure the Group benefits from product innovation and keen prices which it can pass through to its customers

Excellent customer service:

  • Each business has developed a proposition to meet the differing needs of its customers, which concentrates on speed and quality of service, breadth of product range, stock availability for both collection and delivery and value for money
  • The Group aims to employ, develop and retain the best people in the sector

Through sales expansion, careful control of costs and targeted investment the Group seeks to grow the business, increase shareholder value and strengthen its balance sheet.