How Do I Find out How Many Travis Perkins Shares I Hold?

You can determine the number of shares you hold in your name by adding up all your share certificates or referring to a recent dividend tax voucher, or by contacting our Registrars. If you hold shares in a PEP or ISA, you should refer to your PEP or ISA statement or contact the appropriate administrator.

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Who Are the Company's Registrars?

The Company's Registrars are Capita Asset Services. All enquiries regarding your shareholding in Travis Perkins plc should be directed to them at:

Capita Asset Services
The Registry
34 Beckenham Road
Kent BR3 4TU

Telephone: +44 (0) 371 664 0300. Calls are charged at the standard geographic rate and will vary by provider. Calls outside the United Kingdom will be charged at the applicable international rate. Lines are open between 09:00 - 17:30, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays in England and Wales.
E-mail: shareholderenquiries@capita.co.uk

Travis Perkins shareholder Share Portal: www.travisperkins-shares.com Website: www.capitaassetservices.com

Am I Entitled to Receive Anything as a Shareholder of Travis Perkins?

As a shareholder, you own part of the Company and are entitled to receive dividends when the Company declares one. You will also receive an Annual Report in March and an Interim Report in August.

Please see the section Dividend Calculator and Dividend History.

When Are Dividends Paid?

Once you are a registered shareholder, you will be entitled to receive dividends normally twice a year in May and November. The company will announce in advance if a dividend is to be paid, what the amount of the dividend will be and the payment date.

How Will I Receive My Dividend?

You can have your dividend paid to you by cheque to your registered address or paid directly to your bank or building society account. Direct payment to your UK bank or building society will ensure that your account is credited on the dividend date and will avoid the risk of cheques being mislaid or lost in the post. If you would like to obtain a mandate form to enable you to have your dividend paid directly into your UK bank or building society, please contact our Registrars. A mandate form can also be downloaded from our Registrar's website. Alternatively, if you are registered to use the Shareholder Portal
(www.travisperkins-shares.com) you can register your mandate details online. You will receive a consolidated tax voucher detailing all dividends paid during the tax year. This is expected to be issued in November annually.

Website: www.capitaassetservices.com

Do I Have to Pay Tax on My Dividends?

If you are a higher rate taxpayer, you may have to pay some additional tax but for standard rate taxpayers there should be nothing more to pay. If you complete a tax return you will need to include the information shown on your dividend tax voucher.

When Does the Company Announce Its Results and Hold Its AGM?

The company announces its interim results in early August and its final results in early March. The AGM is held in late April or early May. For exact dates, see Financial Calendar.

Can I Attend the Company's Annual General Meeting?

As a shareholder, you can attend the Company's Annual General Meeting, usually held in late April or early May. If your shares are registered in your own name, you are entitled to vote at the meeting or, if you cannot attend, you may complete a proxy form to indicate your vote for each resolution in the event of a ballot. If your shares are registered in the name of your nominee, the nominee will receive the proxy form.

How Do I Buy and Sell Shares?

You can buy and sell Travis Perkins shares through a financial adviser or stockbroker, bank, building society or "share shops" that offer a similar service. The amount of commission charged for buying and selling shares will vary between different organisations. Capita ("Capita"), offers an easy to access and simple to use on-line and telephone share dealing service for shareholders. There's no need to pre-register and there are no complicated forms to fill in. The online and telephone dealing service allows you to trade "real time" at a known price which will be given to you at the time you give your instruction. To deal online or by telephone all you need is your surname, Investor Code, postcode and date of birth. Your Investor Code can be found on a recent share certificate or dividend confirmation. Please have the appropriate documents and/or information to hand when you log on or call, as this will be needed before you can buy or sell shares.

For further information on this service, or to buy and sell shares, please contact Capita Share Dealing Services. You can find their contact details at http://www.capitadeal.com/contact-us.aspx

This is not a recommendation to buy or sell shares. The price of shares can go down as well as up, and you are not guaranteed to get back the amount that you originally invested.

Capita Share Dealing Services is a trading name of Capita IRG Trustees Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

What Happens If I Lose My Share Certificate?

The Registrars keep a record of your name, address and the number of shares you own. If your certificates are lost, stolen or destroyed, our Registrars can arrange for a duplicate certificate to be issued. Simply contact the Registrars as soon as you can. The Registrars will need to arrange for you to complete an indemnity covering the company for any loss arising from a dispute over who owns the shares and you may be charged for this. Once this is done, the Registrars will send you a duplicate certificate.

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What Do I Do If I Change My Name or Address?

If you change your name or address please write to our Registrars as soon as possible to amend the details of your registered shareholding and to ensure that all documents go to the correct address. A change of address form can be downloaded from our Registrar's website (www.capitaassetservices.com). Alternatively, if you are registered to use the Shareholder Portal (www.travisperkins-shares.com) you can amend your address details online.

How Do I Transfer My Travis Perkins Shares to Someone Else?

You may at some point wish to transfer your shares to someone else. As these transactions don't usually involve a stockbroker, you can use a stock transfer form. You'll need to complete the form fully, remembering to complete the stamp duty declaration on the reverse. The transfer form and share certificates (totalling at least the number of shares on the transfer) should be forwarded to our Registrars. Don't worry if the share certificates represent more shares than the transfer. If this is the case, our Registrars will send you a share certificate representing the balance. If you would like a stock transfer form or require any further information, please contact our Registrars. Alternatively, a stock transfer form can be downloaded from our Registrar's website (www.capitaassetservices.com).

Do I Have to Pay Stamp Duty on My Share Transfer?

This is dependent on the nature of the transaction taking place. As a general rule, if no consideration or money is changing hands, then the transaction is not liable for Stamp Duty. However, if the transfer is for value in excess of £1,000 then Stamp Duty will be payable. For full guidelines please contact HMRC (www.hmrc.gov.uk).

May I Hold Shares Jointly with Someone Else?

Yes you may. Please contact our Registrars.

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My Partner/Relative Has Passed Away. What Should I Do with Their Shareholding?

Please contact the Registrars to establish what documentation you will need to forward to them. They will ensure that this process is made as straight forward as possible for you.

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I Receive Multiple Copies of Shareholder Circulars. What Should I Do?

Your name probably appears on the share register more than once. Please contact our Registrars for advice on how to amalgamate your shareholdings.

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