Behaviour change, data and Internet of Things top of mind for Energy Manager

Travis Perkins plc energy manager Adam Garbutt talked to sustainability news site, edie, in advance of his session at the Energy Management Conference later this month. In the feature article, Adam gives his reflections on the successes achieved to date and challenges for the future.

Successes include reducing carbon emissions by 2,097tCO2e between 2014 and 2015, and an 11% reduction in emissions from electricity use. In part, this reduction is due to behaviour change initiatives such as the Wickes Constant Energy Conversation challenge, launched in 2014 to encourage store managers to think about energy efficiency measures.

“Behaviour change is the first step along the road to making sure the people on the ground are aware of what they need to do and are empowered to do it,” Adam said. “We’re going to look at getting behavioural campaigns rolled out across more brands.”

Talking about the challenges, Adam notes the lacks of capability to deal with vast amounts of real-time data. However the emergence of smart technology and green innovations such as Internet of Thing (IOT) and energy storage could help solve some technological issues.

“We’re always looking for the next big thing,” Adam said. “We’re trying to understand how energy storage fits in, and trying to find if we can get the IoT into the stores that will actually benefit from it, so we’re always looking into the future and trying to find something new.”

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