Travis Perkins plc celebrates Sustainability Leadership at 2017 edie Awards

Last Wednesday, Travis Perkins plc was pleased to join together with organisations from all over the UK, from breweries to airlines, to celebrate Sustainability Leadership at the 2017 edie awards in London.


The broad range of organisations all working to be more sustainable was impressive. Travis Perkins plc was pleased to be shortlisted in two categories this year for our work on employee engagement and energy management


“We worked hard in 2016 and it’s great to have our achievements recognised at the edie awards,” said Jez Cutler, head of sustainability. “Our ‘golden envelope’ employee engagement programme is a great example of how to change people’s behaviour and the Power Purchase Agreement work we pioneered at the Wickes Maidstone branch has the potential to make a massive impact on commercial building solar PV installation.”


The edie awards are now in their 10th year and are only one of a handful of environmental awards accredited by the RSA. The awards are open to all businesses and organisations across the public and private sectors and of all sizes from the largest multi-nationals to the smallest micro-organisations. As every year, the competition was tough and although shortlisted in two categories, the Group didn’t take home an award this year. 


“It’s great to know that there is so much happening across the country. The benefit is knowing that you are part a growing momentum to do the right thing – everyone wins when companies take sustainability seriously,” said Jez.


The potential of Power Purchase Agreement project shortlisted in the energy management category is just starting to be realised. The work is inspiring other companies, including a major UK high street retailer, to look at their commercial leases and explore working with landlords to unlock the solar potential of their rooftops.


“Companies have got really excited when we’ve explained how we overcame the barriers to installing PV on rented commercial buildings. Our collaborative way of working with landlords could create a massive opportunity for solar PV in the UK,” said Haydn Young, energy efficiency advisor to Travis Perkins plc, talking about the shortlisted project on awards night.


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