Karen's Story

Karen joined the Travis Perkins Marketing Placement Scheme in 2016, from Aston University where she is studying towards her Marketing Degree. Karen is responsible for the Marketing activities for the CCF brand within the Travis Perkins Group.

“My parents owned their own business so, from a young age, I was keen to pursue a career within a business environment. At GCSE level, I picked Buisness Studies, which incorporated a marketing module and I instantly felt more drawn to the concepts covered in that module than any other. With my interest sparked, I did some research to understand what a career in marketing would involve and felt like my personality would be a great fit. After continuing Business Studies at A-Level, I went on to study a Marketing degree at Aston University.

After seeing the advert for the Marketing Placement at Travis Perkins, it seemed to tick all the boxes. I wanted to work for a large and well known organisation but at the same time wanted to work for a small team where I knew I would get as much experience as possible.

To begin with, I was a bit nervous about the assessment process. My University made out that assessment centres would be quite formal and could be intimidating. But with Travis Perkins, I felt relaxed as soon as I arrived and I found it easy to relate to the people around me. With the mix of activities, I was given a good opportunity to show off a range of skills, rather than trying to bring them all across in an interview scenario.

I’ve been in the role now for 6 months. I’ve had loads of exposure already and have taken on responsibility as the first point of contact for all 41 CCF branches, dealing with all the local marketing. I’ve worked on nationwide campaigns, dealt with creating direct mailers and helped organise events. I’ve also managed the branch launch and relocation campaigns, which include managing stakeholders and liaising with third party agencies.

Not only has this job given me the knowledge of how a commercial team works but it’s also boosted my confidence. It has given me a great opportunity to develop my interpersonal skills and I’ve picked up loads of knowledge about the construction industry.

I would advise anyone looking for a Marketing Placement to apply for the opportunity at Travis Perkins. If I could give any advice on the recruitment process - do your research, learn about the company and the industry. Make sure you are confident in yourself and show that you have a passion for not only marketing but a passion to build on what you already know!”

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