Our employees supporting someone in the local community

Being a good member of the community is a key part of our values and for us it’s a way of working, thinking and treating people which makes us feel like a family. We therefore encourage our businesses and colleagues to support local community activities in the areas they live and work. This is essential given that we have nearly 2,000 branches/ stores of our 20+ businesses across the UK- so we want to ensure that we’re making a difference and giving back to the communities we operate in.

If you would like to request support or assistance for a community project or charity, please get in touch with one of our businesses. If the team can support your cause then they’ll let you know.

Wickes are currently working with not-for-profit community partner ‘Volunteer It Yourself’ in order to support the local communities around their stores. If you’d like to learn more about how you can work with your local Wickes store, please contact
For all other local community requests, please read the guide below to identify which of our businesses could most appropriately help your cause.

“Who can help?”

Please note that we receive hundreds of applications for help and assistance and while we do our best to support as many as we can, it is not always possible.
We have a number of charity partners across our businesses. These charities are chosen by our employees and they take an active part in fundraising- whether it be trekking across the Highlands, jumping out of planes, running marathons or simply baking cakes. To find out more about these long standing partnerships, please our corporate charity partners page.

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