Reducing energy consumption makes sense environmentally and economically, so it’s a major focus of attention for our businesses. By using less electricity, heating oil, gas and vehicle fuel, we can reduce carbon emissions significantly. And for every tonne of carbon, litre of diesel or kilowatt hour of electricity we don’t use, there’s a corresponding financial benefit that can work straight through to the bottom line. With energy costs still extremely high, the payback for many capital expenditure schemes can be very short. To test this idea, we began the “Constant Energy Conversation” at Wickes during 2014. We want store managers and their colleagues to think more actively about conserving energy.

Case Study: the Constant Energy Conversation

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Spending less, saving more

See how we’re saving £7,000 a month in one depot thanks to new lighting, and a massive £350,000 a year through intelligent management of our vehicle fleet

Spending less, saving more