Supplier Commitments

At the Travis Perkins Group, we are committed to being a good corporate citizen in all our dealings with customers, colleagues, suppliers and in the communities where we work.

To ensure a consistent approach throughout our supply chain, we expect our suppliers to have or adopt similar business principles to our own.

To achieve this we have created a document which details our minimum requirements in key areas, called our Supplier Commitments.

The section below highlights the three key areas covered by the Supplier Commitments and you can access a full copy here.

Supporting guidance for all the Supplier Commitments can be found here. The supporting guidance documents expand on each of the individual commitments and provide more details on how we expect our suppliers to demonstrate compliance.

Supplier Commitments

Environmental responsibility

As a supplier, you commit to:

• Only supply timber products from legal and sustainable sources that don’t cause deforestation
or degradation.

• Comply with all applicable environmental legislation in all areas of your operations and supply chain.

• Manage the extraction of any natural materials with care and consideration for local communities
and the environment.

• Minimise the use of water and energy throughout your operations.

• Reduce costs by manufacturing your products using the lowest achievable amount of natural resources
and by selecting packaging that has a minimal impact on the environment.

• Reduce waste by working towards making your products and packaging as recyclable as possible,
and simple for our customers to recycle.

Social responsibility


As a supplier, you commit to:

Protect your workers from dangerous or harmful operations whilst they’re engaged in manufacturing
your products.

• Make sure all workers involved in product manufacture and supply are treated fairly and with respect for
their human rights.

• Meet, or work towards meeting, the principles of the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) Base Code.

• Take positive steps to ensure that Modern Slavery has no place in your businesses or supply chain.

• Find new sources for any minerals contained in your products where these are identified as coming from
recognised areas of conflict.

• Conduct your operations in line with all applicable competition laws.

• Prevent the use of, and not condone any corrupt activity, bribery or inducement with the aim of securing
an improper or unfair business advantage.


Quality and Product

As a supplier, you commit to:

Operate an effective Quality Management System (QMS).

Only supply products (including packaging) that are suitable for our supply chain and that are safe to
handle and store.

Only supply products that are fit for purpose, safe to use and meet our quality requirements.

Notify us immediately of any products you supply to us that contain any substances of very high
concern (SVHCs), explosives precursors or poisons

Take steps to replace any products that contain restricted substances or SVHCs with
suitable alternatives.

Ensure continuing product compliance by arranging regular product inspection and testing by
approved laboratories.

Work with us on our risk-based programme for product surveillance testing.

Provide an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for any resource-intensive commodity materials and
products you supply to us, such as cement, insulation, gypsum or timber.