Our Group Values

At Travis Perkins we are committed to being a responsible business. Everything we do is underpinned by the five cornerstones, or principles, of our business, and we aim to work with suppliers who share similar values. In practice, each cornerstone relates to key requirements we expect our suppliers to meet or, as a minimum, commit to improve and work towards meeting.

Here is how each of our cornerstones applies to our suppliers:

Cornerstone: What it means to us: What we expect from suppliers:

This is what makes us different.

We work hard together to deliver results and have some fun along the way.

We’re straightforward and value honesty, trust and kindness.

It’s ‘new-fashioned’ family values built on our heritage.

● Collaborative working environment

● High ethical standards

● Positive, inclusive culture

● Open and honest relationship with the Group

Safety, for us, is everything.

We expect everyone to go home to their families

exactly as they arrived at work.


● Robust Health & Safety policies and procedures

● Safe, well-maintained working environment

● Competent, well-trained staff


The success of our business relies on strong relationships.

This is about a ‘can do, will do’ attitude and

understanding the lifelong value of

each customer relationship.


● Commitment to quality

● Sustainable sourcing

● Compliance with legislation


Making a decent return is less about making money

and more about creating value for shareholders, employees,

customers and suppliers.  And it depends on building

business relationships based on trust and respect;

strong enough to keep going through bad and good times.


● Value for money

● Innovative products

● Commitment to improving product quality and performance

● Delivery to specification


Our aim is to set the bar high and make our customers

feel special. Our business is built on maintaining

good relationships with our customers and suppliers.

It’s essential we attract and retain the best people

to enable us to operate the best business

in every catchment area.


● Efficient business processes and strong leadership

● Robust recruitment and training programmes

● Sustainable business operations




Our Group Values