Travis Perkins is committed to supporting customers with the information, products and services they need to help modernise and decarbonise construction.

Customers tell us they need support on sustainable operations and sustainable construction. This means we have a key role in ensuring our customers have what they need to meet the latest requirements, so we can help to facilitate partnership innovation, decarbonisation and sustainable construction to the benefit of all.

In addition to developing our capabilities and expertise, we want to provide our customers with services and solutions to help them with their carbon, waste, material use or any other sustainability challenges and opportunities. It also requires improvements to the sustainability information and data we collate and provide, including embodied carbon and recycled content, and that we establish supplier and customer forums to share best practices and collaborate on solutions to meet the industry's shared challenges.

Waste management

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Net zero carbon

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Responsible sourcing TP

Sourcing responsibly

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