Travis Perkins has a significant role to play in removing waste from its supply chain in order to offer customers more sustainable solutions.

Over 95% of the waste we generated across the Group in 2021 was diverted from landfill, and we are working with Biffa to increase this volume, so that we can divert 100% of waste from landfill and eliminate single use plastic by 2025.

To prepare the Group for the new plastic tax and Extended Producer Responsibility legislation, we are working with suppliers to ensure that any plastic packaging we handle contains at least 30% recycled content.

Wast managment
Image shows total waste tonnes 2023 27,326 and percentage of waste diverted from landfill 2023 = 96%

We continue to engage with suppliers to reduce packaging and single use plastic. We are also expanding the Group’s backhaul recycling operation for materials, such as cardboard, plastic wrap, paper, wood, including pallets, so we process these materials for onward recycling.

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