Travis Perkins plc accessibility statement - January 2023

Accessibility statement

This statement applies to content published on the website It does not apply to content on Travis Perkins plc’s other websites.


Travis Perkins plc is committed to ensuring that this website is accessible to people of all abilities, and we actively work to continue to improve the site, so they are as easy as possible to navigate for all users.


Our website has been designed to be clear and simple to understand. It can be viewed on a range of different screen sizes, and the size of text can be changed to suit different people. We have also included a search facility to help people find information more easily. Most of the navigation can be done using just a keyboard and speech recognition software, and most of the website is accessible using a screen reader and we have considered colour contrast as part of the design.


Visitors can optimise the site and make other changes in the browser, and the computer generally, to make this website more accessible, see for more information.

Contact us

We are always looking for ways to help visitors get the best experience from this website, so if there is information you think should be included, or if you experience problems with particular pages or in accessing the site, please contact us.


Our website is WCAG compliant, and we are working towards ensuring that all pages conform to level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0). These guidelines are the internationally recognised benchmark for building accessible websites. However, there are documents and PDF downloads on this site that do not conform to level AA, but we are committed to making these available in accessible formats, so please contact the Corporate Communications team if this is required.