Our businesses form a critical part of the UK construction industry’s supply chain and work in close partnership with a range of customers, including our nation’s tradespeople, who operate at the vanguard of the UK construction market.

We have always remained close to our customers and have regularly surveyed tradespeople across the UK to better understand how they are feeling about their business prospects, their materials requirements and their confidence in general.

In 2020 we decided to make the findings of these surveys publicly available for the first time as part of a research report we have called the RMI Index. In May 2022 we published the fourth report in this series.

These reports provide valuable insight into the domestic Repair, Maintenance and Improvements market that’s worth an estimated £27 billion to the economy, according to the Office for National Statistics.

“Things are getting busier and look set to continue, even though prices are going up.”

Engineer, North East

“People will still concentrate on improving their properties and on being more energy efficient.

Roofer, East Anglia

“I could work seven days a week, if I wanted to.”

Plumber, South West

RMI Index Report May 2022

View the PDF here

View the PDF here

View the PDF here 

View the PDF here