Modern Slavery Statement

We employ c.19,000 people. Ensuring colleagues and workers within the supply chain are protected from abuse of their human rights is a fundamental aspect of our social responsibility.

Our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking policy is in place, approved by the Group Leadership Team, detailing the commitments that all businesses in the Travis Perkins Group align to in order to prevent these risks from occurring either in our own business or our supply chains.

We assess our suppliers against a tight risk assessment, we’ve shared best practices with selected customers and suppliers to support their own anti-slavery controls and to learn from and introduce training for all of our colleagues to identify the risks and red flags of modern slavery. We believe industry collaboration is crucial in tackling this issue.

2023 Modern Slavery Statement (published 2024)

2022 Modern Slavery Statement (published 2023)

2021 Modern Slavery Statement (published 2022)

2020 Modern Slavery Statement (published 2021)

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