We are committed to protecting and providing fair treatment of
all workers, and to ensure we have a slavery-free business and
supply chains

Construction is exposed to more modern slavery than most other industries, so it is important that we continue to roll out due diligence controls across our supplier base. Efforts are invested in promoting modern slavery training to colleagues so they get a better understanding of what it is, how to spot the signs and know how to raise concerns.

The Group’s policies and procedures on tackling modern slavery are described in the Modern Slavery Statement. This describes how the Group assesses risk, carries out due diligence and references its employee recruitment and human rights policies.

Our Speak Up line is also now shared with our suppliers, so they are better able to flag any concerns to us.

2022 Modern Slavery Statement (published 2023)

2021 Modern Slavery Statement (published 2022)

2020 Modern Slavery Statement (published 2021)

2019 Modern Slavery Statement (published 2020)

2018 Modern Slavery Statement (published 2019)

Modern Slavery Policy   Human Rights Policy